English Test: It turns ______ on and off?

Reflective Pronouns: What are they and how to use them?

Use eachother when A does an action to B and B does the same action to A.

e.g. “We love eachother” = I love you and you love me

Use a reflexive pronoun (myself, himself, yourself, herself, ourselves, themselves, itself) when the subject of the verb is the same as the object.

e.g. “I cut myself”

e.g. “She looked at herself in the mirror”

You can also use a reflexive pronoun for emphasis.

e.g. “Nobody helped me. I did it all myself.”

Try to complete this test to see how much you remember!

  • After the argument they didn’t speak to ________ for a week.
  • We built the house ________. It took three years.
  • We only see ________ once a month.
  • I blame ________ for the accident. It was my fault.